FTKMA Quality Assurance Unit Coordinator

FTKMA's Quality Assurance unit is headed by Dr. Hadi Abdul Salam. Dr. Hadi is very experienced in matters related to academic quality assurance of the faculty. As the head of the unit, he will be in charge of ensuring that processes that are required by the quality management system are implemented and maintained, to report to the faculty's top management on the performance of the quality management system and propose any improvements, and to promote the implementation of the quality system throughout the faculty.

UMPSA Quality Policy

Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA) is commited to providing high-level technological services driven in collboration with the community to meet and exceed customer needs through the provision of a quality academic and research ecosystem. We are determined to realize the UMPSA Quality Policy in a professional, efficient, and effective manner, prioritizing continuous improvement through innovation and technological development.

Prof. Dato' Ts. Dr. Yusserie Bin Zainuddin
Vice Chancellor
Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah
1 September 2023

MS ISO 9001:2015 UMPSA

UMPSA and FTKMA are dedicated to ensure that the academic quality of the faculty is maintained at the highest standard. For this reason, in accordance to UMPSA's effort in pursuing MS ISO 9001:2015 certification, FTKMA follows strict academic and operational procedures underlined by Manual Kualiti MS ISO 9001:2015 UMPSA, which is in implementation effective September 1st 2023.

FTKMA Customer Feedback Form Borang Aduan / Maklum Balas Pelanggan FTKMA

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