Automotive Engineering Research Group (AERG)

The Automotive Engineering Group (AEG) was established in 2011. It was established to cover automotive research where it is one of core for university. In 2014 the focus group was changed to Automotive Engineering Research Group (AERG). It covers all related research in automotive including additive manufacturing in automotive, lubrication, tribology in automotive, advanced material for automotive, cooling system and nano technology for automotive.

Main research focus in AERG are as follows:

  1. Battery (EV/Hybrid) and Nanotechnology 
  2. Additive manufacturing in automotive
  3. Advanced Material for automotive
  4. Powertrain analysis
  5. Cooling, tribology and lubrication

AERG Members

Assoc. Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr.<br>Kumaran<br><u>Kadirgama</u>
Assoc. Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr.
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Dr.<br>Mohamad Heerwan<br><u>Peeie</u>
Mohamad Heerwan
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Dr.<br>Leong Ming<br><u>Gan</u>
Leong Ming
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Ts. Dr.<br>Muhamad<br><u>Mat Noor</u>
Ts. Dr.
Mat Noor
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Mr.<br>Wan Muhammad Noor<br><u>Sarbani Mat Daud</u>
Wan Muhammad Noor
Sarbani Mat Daud
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Mr.<br>Mohd Fadzil<br><u>Abdul Rahim</u>
Mohd Fadzil
Abdul Rahim
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Prof. Dato' Dr. Hj.<br>Rosli<br><u>Abu Bakar</u>
Prof. Dato' Dr. Hj.
Abu Bakar
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AERG Activities & Achievements

Submitted and published research outcome from AERG amounted to 50 publications in the year 2020. The number consists of WOS indexed journal, Scopus index journal, and Scopus indexed proceeding. The top author for the year 2020 belongs to Associate Professor Dr Kumaran Kadirgama with 25 publications. To strengthen the linkages with external academic institution, AERG has initiated a joint meeting with TOC Automotive College, Malaysia.
The cooperation is completed with the signing of a letter of intent (LOI) to support the new technical program in the faculty, namely Bachelor of Technology in Automotive and Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Automotive. Members
of AERG had also involved as academic panels for The 4th International Conference on Automotive Innovation & Green Energy Vehicle (AiGEV 2020) organised by Automotive Centre of Excellence, (AEC), UMP.
Major task for the group in the future includes restructuring the laboratories which were newly assigned, bidding for international grants related to the automotive engineering, recruiting associate members to the group for new field of knowledge exploration and enrolling more postgraduate students to strengthen the group. In the year 2020, the group has managed to secure a total of RM863,000.00 funding for research and postgraduate study. It consists of 3 Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), 11 UMP Internal Grant Scheme, 2 Industrial Grant, and 3 Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS). Major research topics are nano-material fundamental, nano-material for engine cooling and lubrication application, gaseous fuel application in engine and its optimum control, vehicle health monitoring system, vehicle ride and comfort, autonomous vehicle system and automatic control for linear motor system. A total of 9 doctoral and 8 masters students strengthen the group in the year 2020. Consist of full-time and part-time students, they are funded either by the research grant scheme or UMP graduate scheme. Full-time students are located in the group research laboratory.

AERG Website

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