Energy Sustainable Focus Group (ESFG)

The Energy and Sustainability Focus Group (ESFG) was established in 2011, responsible to focus on energy and sustainability research, which is one of the core area in Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) to achieve the global Sustainability Development Goals (SDG). This focus group concentrates on all related research in energy and sustainability, including Energy and Environmental Engineering, Heat Transfer, Air Conditioning System, Meliponini Engineering, Solar Energy, and Electromechanical Energy Conversion. 

The main interest of this focus group consist of 2 major fields which are:

1. Energy and Environmental
 - Environmental
 - Thermal Comfort and Air Quality

2. Energy Conversion
 - Renewable and Alternative Energy
 - Electromechanical

ESFG Members

Ts. Dr.<br>Amir<br><u>Abdul Razak</u>
Ts. Dr.
Abdul Razak
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Dr.<br>Mohd Hazwan<br><u>Yusof</u>
Mohd Hazwan
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Dr.<br>Nurizzatul Atikha<br><u>Rahmat</u>
Nurizzatul Atikha
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Dr.<br>Azizuddin<br><u>Abd Aziz</u>
Abd Aziz
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Assoc. Prof. Dr.<br>Mohamad Firdaus<br><u>Basrawi</u>
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Mohamad Firdaus
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ESFG Activities & Achievements

Sustainable development is defined as meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Energy Sustainability Focus Group offers the solution for a better future. It is a group of 7 researchers who are actively involved in various research fields including photovoltaic solar system, bee farming technology, wind engineering, vortex tube cooling system, refrigeration, air-conditioning and building energy consumption. The members are actively collaborating with other institutes and industries such as UTP, Kyushu University Japan, UTM, Hitachi, Venturi Asia and many more. We also have a collaboration with Persatuan Usahawan Kelulut Pahang (PUKP). Through this association, one of the team member, AP. Dr. Firdaus invented an award-winning product, the SLEEK PUMP. The Sleek Pump is used to collect stingless honey bee without degrading its quality. This invention is recognized by the Malaysian Government as it was awarded as the runner-up in Malaysia Commercialisation Year 2020. Apart from invention, our team members are also active in joining international and local conferences. Dr. Hazwan was awarded as the best presenter in an international conference, ICFEE2020, Kyoto, Japan. We also collaborate with UTP to conduct the 1st tele-conference in UMP, which is Symposium On Energy Systems since 2017. In 2018, VIT from India joins the collaboration to make it an international tele-conference.

ESFG Website

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